This is a before picture of a tile wall in a bathroom that needs to be repaired. There once was a sink here and it needed to be removed to make more space for the use of the toilet. Plumbers came in and removed the sink and capped the existing plumbing. The customer wanted something different here other than the plain white tile. I had some ideas but what I came up with really worked. In order to do a TILE REPAIR you must prepare the room for a lot of dust debris. Install plastic over everything that is possible to save you time on the clean up. When that is done you are ready to remove the old tile. Using a diamond blade on a side grinder you can cut through anything really so I recommend using one.  Doing this in an enclosed space can create a cloud where it is difficult to see so please use goggles and a mask. It can get to where you cannot see a foot in front of you so be sure to have all your tools you may need right in front of you. Cut away!


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